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COVID-19 and Your Insurance Policy

April 2020

COVID-19 and Your Insurance PolicyClick on the thumbnail above to view a larger image

Does your commercial property insurance or business income insurance policy provide coverage for COVID- 19 losses?

Well, the easy answer is “it never hurts to ask.”

Here are some questions that you might think about before asking......
Do you have a loss of business income?
Is your business property uninhabitable or unfit for use?
Is the COVID-19 virus likely at your insured location?
Is your business closed because of a government mandate?
Does your policy specifically exclude losses caused by a virus?
Does your policy specifically exclude losses due to a government mandated closure?
Is your policy ambiguous?

If you believe you have a covered claim for property or business income loss due to the COVID-19 virus, ask your insurance agent to file a claim with your insurance company.


If you are not satisfied with the answer contact Attorney Timothy Hawley. He will need your denial letter and a certified copy of your insurance policy to discuss your options. You may be glad you asked.

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