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Wealth of Legal Resources Available:
It used to be that if a consumer had a legal question, the only place to turn was to an attorney. While there is no substitute for sound legal advice, from an attorney, now there is a wealth of legal resources available for consumers. This edition of LawClips will be devoted to providing information on how to find answers to general legal questions.

The Internet:
By now, most consumers have access to the internet. There is a wealth of information on the internet regarding legal issues, attorneys and legal services. Most websites contain links which will connect you to other law related websites. Here is a limited list of some free legal websites:

Wisconsin State Bar: This is a great place to start any legal research. Within this website you can access Wisconsin case law; Administrative decisions; Ethics Board decisions; Tax Appeals Decisions; Circuit Court Rules; Federal Court Decisions for Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin; Wisconsin Statutes; Administrative Codes; Wisconsin’s State Constitution and more. You can also find out general information about any attorney licensed in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (CCAP): This website provides access to circuit court filings throughout the state of Wisconsin. By entering a person’s name and date of birth, you can find out if any judgments or criminal convictions have been entered against that individual. This website can also be used to verify if an individual or company has been involved in litigation in the past.

Wisconsin Government: website provides a listing of, and access to, the Governor’s office; all legislators and state senators; all government agencies and various local organizations (i.e. fire departments; police departments). The website also provides links to various federal government websites.
Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations:


General Law Services.These websites provide basic search engines for access to free case law, throughout the country:


Property Damage from Motor VehicleAccidents. To determine the fair market value of a damaged motor vehicle, go to these websites:

Kelly Blue Book:

Traditional Legal Resources:
All county courthouses have legal libraries, which are open to the public. There are also legal resources available in public libraries.

The Best Legal Resource:
While internet sites provide a wealth of information, there is no substitute for legal advice from an experienced attorney or law firm. At Stellpflug, Janssen, Hammer, Kirschling & Bartels, S.C., we are a full-service firm with 15 attorneysand a dedicated support staff. Our firm has a team of attorneys ready, willing and able to handle most legal matters. We are also willing to take the time to educate and advise consumers about their rights. We do everything possible to put people at “ease,” when it comes to legal matters. Just think of our firm as Legal Ease.

Visit our firm’s website to view past editions of LawClips, which are in PDF format. You can also learn about our 74 year history as well as the qualification and training of our attorneys. Our website also has many links to other legal and non-legal websites.

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