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Stellpflug Law, S.C. Saves Christmas!View PDF

Attorney D’Angelo saves Day 12 - On the 12th day of Christmas, a valued Stellpflug Law, S.C. client called us to report 12 drummers drumming. The drummers, including a little drummer boy, were falsely accused of violating the local noise ordinance while spreading holiday cheer. Attorney John D’Angelo tapped 12 innovative defense arguments and the judge decreed that the citation should be dismissed. The drummers played on without missing a beat.

Attorney Hawley saves Day 11 - On the 11th day of Christmas, Attorneys Scrooge and Marley contacted Stellpflug Law, S.C. about a dispute involving 11 pipers piping. Attorney Scrooge’s client was suing the pipers for installing defective piping in Bedlam and seeking millions of dollars in past, present and future damages. Attorney Marley felt they were dead wrong as seven Christmases had passed since the installation. “Ba Humbug,” said Attorney Scrooge. Attorney “Tiny” Tim Hawley’s mediation session resulted in successful resolution of the dispute to the satisfaction of all parties. The pipers remained 11 faithful disciples to their craft. Happy with the results, Tim commented “God Bless us, everyone one!”

Attorney Peterson saves Day 10 - On the 10th day of Christmas, ten unhappy landlords contacted Stellpflug Law, S.C. because their tenants were bound and determined to skip out without paying their rent. Attorney Christina Peterson jumped on the case and successfully sued the tenants in small claims court. Ten commandments were issued ordering the tenants to pay. The landlords could be seen a leaping for joy as they received the back rent in full.

Attorney Kirschling saves Day 9 - On the 9th day of Christmas, nine ladies dancing found themselves without health care insurance because their employer claimed they were independent contractors. Attorney Mike Kirschling proved that an employee –employer relationship existed and the nine ladies dancing received all the benefits offered by the employer. The ladies continued to dance around the Christmas tree enjoying the fruits of their spirited labor.

Attorney Bouressa saves Day 8 - On the 8th day of Christmas, eight maids-a-milking could not keep up production as two of the maids suffered from carpel tunnel syndrome. The maids’ worker’s compensation claims against Rudolph Dairy were denied by the adjuster based on red herring arguments. Attorney Terry Bouressa represented the maids at their hearing before an administrative law judge and the maids were awarded the compensation and medical care they deserved. The 8 maids celebrated their blessings.

Attorney Bartels saves Day 7 - On the 7th day of Christmas, seven swans-a-swimming wanted to purchase Swan Lake and build a multimillion dollar condominium development. Attorney Mark Bartels submitted the offer to purchase to Seven Gifts Realtors on behalf of the swans and closed the spirited deal. Today, the swans are a-swimming on Swan Lake during the day and nestled in at the Comfort Down Condominium complex at night.

Attorney Sandoz saves Day 6 - On the 6th day of Christmas, six geese-a-laying found that they were no longer able to lay eggs after 6 days of successful creation. The eggs-act reason was due to their mental and physical condition after many white Christmases. They applied for and were denied social security benefits. Attorney Patricia Sandoz proved that the six geese-a-laying “condition” was severe enough that it prevented them from working and their social security benefits were paid.

Attorney Lin saves Day 5 - On the 5th day of Christmas, Mr. and Mrs. Claus discovered that they inherited 5 golden rings. Mr. Claus, who is usually quite jolly, was worried about what would happen to the golden rings in the future. Attorney Evan Lin drafted a new revocable trust estate plan to replace their old last will and testament, protecting the 5 golden rings for future generations of elves and gave our clients peace of mind.

Attorney Stellpflug saves Day 4 - On the 4th day of Christmas, four calling birds were interested in forming a business to buy the Black Bird Inn. The birds called in Attorney David Stellpflug who assisted in forming a limited liability company and drafting an operating agreement to protect their interests. Four canons fired on the front lawn to celebrate opening day at the Inn. Customers are now calling for reservations and flocking to the Black Bird Inn.

Attorney Ver Boort saves Day 3 - On the 3rd day of Christmas, three French hens named Faith, Hope and Love, who recently immigrated to the United States, contacted Stellpflug Law, S.C. to help them acquire green cards to stay in the country. Attorney Katie Ver Boort obtained the proper visas so the French hens could continue living at Chateau De Pere.

Attorney Koch saves Day 2 - On the 2nd day of Christmas, two turtle doves decided to get a divorce because one of them had her eyes on a partridge in a pear tree. Attorney Josh Koch helped them through the divorce process. Old and new testaments were presented on property division, squab custody and maintenance issues. In the end, the two turtle doves parted ways on friendly terms instead of retreating into their shells.

Attorney Janssen saves Day 1 - On the 1st day of Christmas, a partridge in a pair tree was minding his own business when a branch from the neighbor’s tree fell on his head and he tumbled from his pear tree with severe injuries. As the medical bills piled up, the partridge was in danger of losing his home. He turned to Attorney Bob Janssen for help. Attorney Janssen settled the partridge’s personal injury law suit for $12 million. The partridge received the compensation he so desperately needed and was able to remain lord of his manor.

The partridge’s’ settlement allowed him to purchase a Comfort Down Condo on Swan Lake, which he shares with his beloved - one of 2 turtle doves. They spend their time watching 7 swans-a-swimming on the lake and frequently visiting the 4 calling birds at the Black Bird Inn for an occasional glass of milk served by 8 happy maids. The inn features entertainment with 9 ladies dancing to the beat of 12 drummers drumming. It is always a memorable night when they are joined by the 6 geese-a- laying and the 3 French hens. One night, the partridge and dove sat by the 10 landlords-a-leaping who were discussing hiring the 11 pipers piping to build a cooling system to protect the 5 golden rings. And now you know the rest of the story…

May the magic and wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year.

Stellpflug Law, S.C.

Add as a footnote or small box:
Ever wonder what leaping lords, French hens, swimming swans and especially the partridge that won’t come out of the pear tree have to do with Christmas? From 1558 until 1829, Catholics in England were not permitted to practice their faith openly. Someone in that era wrote the Twelve Days of Christmas as a catechism song for young Catholics. Each element in the carol has a code word for a religious reality that the children could remember. The clues are in our story. Can you find them?

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