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Le Tour de Stellpflug:
With the recent conclusion of the Tour de France, we thought it appropriate to devote this issue to a Tour of our Firm. If you are a past or existing client, you know that we offer a full range of legal services. In order to provide a broad range of legal services, our firm recognizes the importance of teamwork. We have 15 attorneys. Each attorney is part of a team which handles certain areas of law (i.e. trusts and estates; real estate; personal injury; business development, etc.). Each attorney is paired up with a legal assistant. Our legal assistants are well qualified and personable. They play a crucial role in all aspects of a case, from the initial interview through file closure.

A Collective Effort:

A legal team can be compared to a biking team, such as Lance Armstrong and his Discovery Channel Pro Cycling team. In addition to Lance Armstrong, the Discovery Channel team has 27 other professional cyclists. While most people do not know the names of the other 27 cyclists, those cyclists play a crucial role on the team. Any team member, including Lance Armstrong, recognizes the importance of a collective effort in achieving results. Lance discussed the importance of the team concept in his first book, Every Second Counts. As Lance stated:

"Why engage in a collective effort rather than an individual one, even when you wonder, What's in it for me?" Self-interest is isolating. When you work in collaboration, you're responsible to each other, and therefore much less likely to shirk your responsibilities or cheat your partner. Teamwork is not only performance-enhancing, it's comforting. You are never alone, and whether you have a six-mile climb up an alp and a cadre of attackers behind you, or a round of chemo in front of you, that's extremely reassuring."

This quote says it all. Like the "peloton" in cycling races, our firm has the strength of quality attorneys, supported by a qualified and responsive team of legal assistants. Like the Discovery Channel team, our legal team recognizes the importance of staying in step with fast changing technology. Our attorneys and staff are equipped with state of the art computers and cutting edge software programs. We recognize the importance of staying current with technology.

We are accessible by phone or e-mail. We also have an informative website at Our website provides information on our attorneys, the areas of law we handle, as well as an archive of past editions of LawClips . We are in the process of a major overhaul of our website. This overhaul should be complete and online within the next several months. In connection with this overhaul, you will be given the option of receiving future editions of LawClips by regular mail or by electronic mail.

The Human Touch:
If you have contacted our firm, you know that we pride ourselves on providing personal, human contact, from day one. Our phones are answered by living and breathing receptionists. All incoming phone calls are handled by our receptionists, not an automated voicemail system. If the attorney you are contacting is available, he/she will respond to your call. If the attorney is not available, you are given the option of talking to their assistant or leaving a voicemail message with the attorney. We feel it is important to provide all callers with a choice, as opposed to just processing all calls through an automated system. We then do our best to return all calls in a timely manner.

Community Involvement:
Our firm recognizes the importance of being involved in the communities in which we live. Our attorneys are active in their communities, which include Green Bay, Allouez, De Pere, Ashwaubenon, Howard, Appleton and Menasha. We believe it is important to give back to our communities, not only of our means but also of our time.

Lakewood Office:
In order to enhance our delivery of legal services, our firm has established a branch office in Lakewood at: the Coldwell Banker - Bartels Real Estate building, 1525 Highway 32, Lakewood, WI 54138. The office is staffed by one of our attorneys, every Wednesday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 715-276-6599.

Charitable Work:
We have designated certain Fridays as a "casual" day at the office. Any attorney or staff who dresses casually on that day must make a donation to a designated charity. Each attorney is given the opportunity to designate the charity of their choice. We welcome any suggestions of charities, which may benefit from our casual day program.

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