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Time to Reflect: The kids are back to school; the hot summer days are over and we all can finally catch our breath. It is time to reflect on what we have done and where we are going. We periodically devote an edition of LawClips to update our clients and friends on recent developments at the Stellpflug firm. The past nine months have seen many changes at our firm. All of these changes are for the better and are designed to improve the quality of service delivered by our firm. So, here is what has been happening.

Lobby Upgrade:
As you exit the elevator at our second floor, you will be greeted with new lobby furniture. The goal of the upgrade was simple: to provide a more comfortable environment for our clients and visitors.

Telephone System:
We have upgraded to a digital phone system. Our goal is for every caller to be greeted by our live receptionist or to access the phone of any attorney or assistant using a direct dial phone number. Each attorney as well as our support staff now, have direct dial phone numbers. As time goes on, attorneys will be including their direct dial numbers on numbers on the firm letterhead and on their business cards. We implemented this system to allow callers and clients to have direct access to our attorneys and their assistants without going through the receptionist. There may be times when an attorney is unavailable to take your call. While we try to avoid this situation, our new system allows you to press “0” to be transferred to the assistant assigned to the attorney. Our new phone system provides our firm the ability to have direct contact with our caller and clients. Give us a call, try it out.

Website Upgrade: Our website has undergone a significant overhaul. We are excited about the new website and want you to know about a new feature – streaming video. The upgraded website went live on September 10, 2007. It is easy to navigate and informative. Go surfing and see what you think. The new website address is:

There is a new web page titled “Client Testimonials.” This is where the streaming videos can be found. The videos are testimonials from four clients, who were involved with either a personal injury or worker’s compensation claim. The streaming videos are a component of a cable television marketing campaign, which began airing on September 10, 2007. The cable testimonials are 30 seconds long and feature one of the four clients. The viewer is then invited to learn the “rest of the story,” by going to our website. Once on the website, each streaming video is about two minutes long. Throughout the videos, our clients explain how their accident happened, the impact the accident had on their lives and what the Stellpflug Law team did for them.

Cable Television Testimonials: As any business does, our firm is constantly evaluating how best to get the word out about the services we offer. There are many ways to provide information about our services, ranging from personal contact, to yellow page listings to glossy brochures, to radio spots, to television commercials. One of the best ways to communicate a message, on a broad scale, is through cable television. While television reaches a broad market, the amount of information contained in a 30 second spot is limited.

Rather than using our 30 second spots to highlight our attorneys or our achievements, we chose to highlight our clients. We all have stories. Our cable television campaign gives some of our clients the chance to tell their stories. The testimonials are of four clients, along with family members, who hired our firm to handle personal injury claims. The individuals featured in the testimonials are clients of our firm. They are not actors. They were not paid for their time. They are real people who had real accidents and had to deal with real injuries. These individuals devoted a significant amount of time to being interviewed and filmed at their homes. The testimonials are quite compelling. A clear theme runs through all of the testimonials. Each client expressed a sincere appreciation for how they were treated and how their claim was handled by the Stellpflug Law team. That is the philosophy that our firm was built on - Treat people with respect and dignity and provide quality legal services. It is that simple.

Our testimonial cable spots began airing on September 10, 2007. The individuals featured in the testimonials are: Wally Brzoza, William McLeod, Brad and Vicki Tanck and Tera Brennan and her daughter, Kaylyn Raymaker. Where can the testimonials be seen? Good question. They will be aired, on these cable television stations, at various times throughout the day:

  • Discovery Channel
  • ESPN
  • Spike TV
  • TBS
  • TNT
  • Comedy Central
  • History Channel
So, keep your eyes open for these. Then, accept the invitation to learn about the rest of the story and log onto Let us know what you think.

Last, But Not Least, Our Support Staff: It takes a lot of time and talent to keep a law firm operating smoothly, efficiently and with that personal touch we are known for. Behind every attorney is a well-qualified and respected legal assistant or paralegal. Greeting every caller and visitor is a friendly and helpful receptionist. Our office administrators make sure everything is working behind the scenes. We are proud of our support staff and what they do, day in and day out. We have a wonderful supporting cast. Enjoy the fall colors, take a breath, and be thankful.

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